Septmeber C-n-C Membership Challenge

VFW National Headquarters - 9/1/2023

Throughout the month of September, the Commander-in-Chief wants to see everyone doing their part to recruit new members into the VFW, and that means everyone!
The Post in each membership division that has the highest percentage of members who bring in at least one new or reinstated member during September will win a $500 cash award, plus a special Recruiting Plaque for the Post listing all those members who helped us by recruiting at least one new member!
This challenge will compare your Post’s prior year total to how many members in your Post have recruited at least one member during the month of September. For example, if you ended the year at 100 members and you have 10 members go out and recruit, that’s 10% of your Post who met the challenge!
The strength of the VFW is our membership, and this is how we will increase that strength. We all know at least one fellow veteran who is eligible but hasn’t yet joined - now is the time to get them to take that step!
The Commander-in-Chief has set a high bar for success this year, and if we all do our part to help grow our Posts, we will meet that goal of 102%! We are ready to put in the effort to have a record-breaking year as we go out there and MEET THE CHALLENGE!

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