Home improvement jobs can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately for veterans, the US government and a few private organizations offer grants and aid to help them with their home modification projects. 

There are many helpful programs that the American government offers back to veterans but many veterans are unaware of these programs and grants. Home renovation grants are one of these government backed programs that many veterans are unaware of. 

These grants can help you to improve your home and quality of life. The sad thing is that many veterans just don’t know about what is being offered to them. If you have a home and you’ve been thinking about upgrading it, then you can take advantage of one or several of these grants. They will help you to feel better in your surroundings and give you the convenience and nice aesthetics that you deserve.

10 Best Home Renovation Grants for Veterans 
Please see attached information on grants effective Oct 1st.  All of these grants are available for posts and Auxiliaries to apply for.  The best way to handle any questions is to have the posts call Chris Johnson, (816)-968-1174.

VFW Foundation

#StillServing Grants
#StillServing Community Volunteerism Grant
Uniting to Combat Hunter Grants (UTCH)
Background: Uniting to Combat Hunger


Military Assistance Grant- up to $5000 per membership year-Our Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the outstretched hand between the local VFW and military community, offering support around the world. 

Since 2005, MAP has sponsored events supporting more than 3.4 million service members and their families. 

A large part of MAP is the Adopt-a-Unit program, providing VFW Posts and their Auxiliaries the opportunity to adopt hundreds of military units around the world. Adopt-a-Units goal is to develop supportive relationships with units before, during and after deployments to help deliver the vast network of resources the VFW has available to the military. https://www.vfw.org/community/troop-support


Unmet Needs Grant -Unmet Needs is there to help Americas military families who have run into unexpected financial difficulties as a result of deployment or other military-related activity or injury. The program provides financial aid grants of up to $1,500 to assist with basic life needs in the form of a grant - not a loan - so no repayment is required. To further ease the burden, we pay the creditor directly.

The needs of our veterans, service members and their families should never go unmet.  Let us offer you a hand-up when you need it!

For additional information, and to see if you or someone you know qualifies for a grant through the Unmet Needs program, please visit https://www.vfw.org/assistance/financial-grants


VFW Foundation

The VFW Foundation is offering a total of three grants beginning in October. All grants will operate on a reimbursement basis. Applicants will need to do a project and then submit an application with proof of how the funding was spent. Applicants are highly encouraged to contact the VFW Foundation prior to starting a project to ensure it qualifies. Detailed guidelines can be found on the application forms of each grant.

Questions may be directed to Chris Johnson - (816)-968-1174


I. #StillServing Grants – Applications Available at www.vfw.org/grants

1. Community Support Grant

This Community Support Grant is offered exclusively to VFW Posts and Auxiliaries to offset expenses incurred while doing a community service project. Districts, Departments, VFW subordinate organizations, etc. may not apply. Both a VFW Post and its Auxiliary can receive funding of up to $1,500. Applicants are limited to one Community Support Grant award during the October 1, 2022-June 1, 2023, cycle.


2. District Corporate Partnership Grant

The District Corporate Partnership Grant is offered exclusively to offset expenses related to the community service projects of VFW or VFW Auxiliary Districts that include substantive involvement of a VFW National corporate partner’s local affiliate. Posts, Departments, VFW subordinate organizations, etc. may not apply. Applicants are limited to no more than $1,500 in funding through the VFW District Corporate Partnership Grant award during the October cycle.


II. Uniting to Combat Hunger Grant – Applications Available at www.vfw.org/utch

1. Uniting to Combat Hunger Grant

The Uniting to Combat Hunger Grant is a matching grant of up to $1,500 available to VFW Posts and Auxiliaries for monetary and food donations to local food banks and pantries in their communities. The VFW Foundation will provide a $1 match for every pound of food or dollar donated to these organizations. A Post or its Auxiliary may receive this grant but not both.


Student Veteran Support Grant

The VFW recognizes that both funding and support for our student veterans and dependents at institutions of higher learning can often be difficult to find. The VFWs Student Veteran Support Grant offers much needed assistance to support specific student veteran events. The grant, administered by the VFW Washington Office, focuses on supporting the overall student veteran population within the community, which consists of many student veterans at campuses across the country that are not affiliated with an SVA chapter. The grants will be disbursed to a VFW Post or Department that has submitted an application, to support the student veterans at the university or college.   


Grant Eligibility:

1. Applicants must be VFW members associated with an appropriate entity of the VFW (VFW Post, District, Department, or National).

2. Appropriate VFW Post, District, Department, or National leadership serve as the convening authority on the grant request and is responsible for receiving funds.

3. Funds must be utilized for events and outreach designed to assist and support veterans currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning.