Home improvement jobs can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately for veterans, the US government and a few private organizations offer grants and aid to help them with their home modification projects. 

There are many helpful programs that the American government offers back to veterans but many veterans are unaware of these programs and grants. Home renovation grants are one of these government backed programs that many veterans are unaware of. 

These grants can help you to improve your home and quality of life. The sad thing is that many veterans just don’t know about what is being offered to them. If you have a home and you’ve been thinking about upgrading it, then you can take advantage of one or several of these grants. They will help you to feel better in your surroundings and give you the convenience and nice aesthetics that you deserve.

10 Best Home Renovation Grants for Veterans 
Please see attached information on grants effective Oct 1st.  All of these grants are available for posts and Auxiliaries to apply for.  The best way to handle any questions is to have the posts email Jason Couch at jcouch@vfw.org or call 816-968-1174.

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