The Mission
"The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children will provide children, youth and families of veterans, active-duty military and members of the VFW and its Auxiliary opportunities for growth and development in a nurturing community, and by doing so will serve as a living memorial to all veterans." 

It was founded in 1925 as a place where the families left behind by war -- mothers and children, brothers and sisters -- could remain together, keeping the family circle intact even when their serviceman didn't come home.

Today's families face different challenges -- reintegration, post-traumatic stress, high unemployment and rehabilitation from battlefield injuries, among others -- and the National Home has evolved over our decades-long history to meet those changing needs.
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Our Community

Contact Form or call the Helpline at 800.313.4200 


It is not uncommon for us to receive calls and emails with questions regarding eligibility to live at the National Home. 

There are three lanes of eligibility through which a family can apply to live at the National Home.

Eiligibility stems from the child(ren) in the family. They are: 

1) a veteran family (at least one parent that has served and been honorably discharged). 

2) an active duty military family (a parent is currently serving in the armed forces or reserves). 

3) a family that is related to a VFW or Auxiliary member (this include step-parents/grandparents).

This third lane is the most wide-reaching, as many people living in the United States have a parent or grandparent who has served. Sometimes, the child’s parent or grandparent is not a VFW or Auxiliary member, but are eligible to become one.  If they become a member, then the family is eligible to apply to live at the National Home.

The first step to living at the National Home is always through our Helpline at 800.313.4200.  Helpline staff will help callers to determine eligibility.