Department and Post Quartermasters

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VFW Requirements for Bonding
Bonds Required for VFW Entities
2022-2023 Employee and Officer Bonding forms and Fee's schedule 
Direct Deposit Form for Posts and Departments    Updated ACH Form 23 June 2022

Quartermaster Schedule of Financial and Administrative Requirements during the year.
Congratulations on your election as Quartermaster or Post Trustee! This is an important position, one that
requires hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness. Your Post is counting on you to fulfill your
duties to the benefit of the organization, members and communities. We want to help you be
Whether you are new to the job or have done it before, no matter what your current level of
knowledge or experience may be, there is always something you can learn, and this guide was
created as a training tool and resource to assist you in your role.
The enclosed guide is updated periodically. You can find the latest version, as well as other
valuable resources, at www.vfw.org by logging in as a member (Login – top bar, right side), and
going to "Member/Post Resources – VFW Training & Support.”
Other important resources include the Bylaws, Manual of Procedure, and Ritual. In particular,
the Manual of Procedure, Sec 218 (a) (5) outlines the responsibilities of the Post Quartermaster.
Learn these well. Each Post is required to maintain a current copy of the Bylaws, Manual of
Procedure, and Ritual; current copies are available for purchase from the VFW Store at
We are here to support you. If you have questions and are unable to find answers with your
District or Department, call us at 833.VFW.VETS. Explain to the operator what you need, and
they will transfer you to the correct person to answer your questions.

2022-2023 Quartermaster's Guide
2022-2023 Trustee's Guide