For SC District and Post Quartermasters

VFW Post Insurance

In light of Liquor Liability policy premiums skyrocketing, the department is doing all we can to assist you and provide resources. Please see our most recent updated SC Insurance Brokers Company Listing and recommended option.

SC Insurance Brokers Company List (Updated 9/20/2023)

Buddy Poppies

For 2024-2025 All State Post you must order 500 Buddy Poppies through the Department Quartermaster

Go to: Programs > Buddy Poppy

Expense and Direct Deposit Authorization Form

All who seek reimbursement from the department of any authorized travel or other expenses needs to complete this form and sent to the State Quartermaster. We are no longer writing checks for expense reports submitted.

ACH Direct Deposit Authorization Form F-SC095     (Updated ACH Form 5/9/2024)
Expense Report Voucher Form F-SC093    (Updated Expense Voucher Form 5/9/2024)

VFW Requirements for Bonding

Bonds Required for VFW Entities

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact State Quartermaster at qm@vfwsc.org or 843-327-3858


Officer and CM/Employee Bonding Forms and Fee's Schedule

NOTE: After the initial Bond, any Mid-Term bond(s) through the remainder of the 2024-2025 year based on the starting month at a pro-rated fee schedule. Please contact the State Quartermaster for new Bond Form and Rate Quote. (Updated 7/16/2025)

  • 2024-2025 Bond Forms Officers Form Application (Due to Department QM by 8/30/2024)
    At minimum, the Quartermaster must be bonded and any officer with access to post accounts and funds. One Application per officer must be completed. You can pay for multiple officers with a single check.

  • 2024-2025 Bond Forms Officers Mid-Term Increase (Only as needed)
    Any bond increase or change Mid-Term for an existing officer please use this form, do not submit the Officer Bond Applicaiton above.

  • 2024-2025 Bond Forms CM Employees Form Application (Due to Department QM by 9/30/2024)
    The Canteen Manager, Employees and/or Volunteers who handle post funds should be bonded. One Application per person must be completed. You can pay for multiple employees with a single check.



  1. You can email the completed Officer or Employee Bond forms (PDF Only - pictures or photos will not be accepted) directly to qm@vfwsc.org - Forms instantly received and logged
  2. Mail it in



  1. You can pay for your Officer and Employee bonds using Online banking with Zelle. Most banks have this option to send or receive payments directly. Locate Zelle and add qm@vfwsc.org to Zelle contacts. It may show Dennis Hamilton as the State Quartermaster but you could rename the contact to VFWSC QM
    • Choose Send
    • To: qm@vfwsc.org or VFWSC QM as the named contact
    • Enter the amount to send
    • In the Comments, write: Post (post number): Officer / Employee Bonds
    • Send
      Payment instantly received, logged and matched up with your bonds to be processed
  2. Mail it in


Make Check or Money Order Payable to:
VFW Department of SC
Attn: State Quartermaster
622 Bridlewood Ln
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Department Convention

Delegate dues for the Department Convention are sent to the District Commanders and Quartermasters for distribution to the Posts. You must submit dues and the Delegate Election Registration Form to the State Quartermaster prior to the Convention.


VFWSC Delegate Election Registration Form F-SC094     (Updated ACH Form 4/5/2024)

South Carolina 2024-2025 Quartermaster Training Guide

South Carolina 2024-2025 Quartermaster Training Guide, Schedule of Financial and Administrative Requirements during the year


Additional Quartermaster Training files, forms, templates


Congratulations on your election as Quartermaster or Post Trustee! This is an important position, one that requires hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness. Your Post is counting on you to fulfill your duties to the benefit of the organization, members and communities. We want to help you be successful.


Whether you are new to the job or have done it before, no matter what your current level of knowledge or experience may be, there is always something you can learn, and this guide was created as a training tool and resource to assist you in your role.


The enclosed guide is updated periodically. You can find the latest version, as well as other valuable resources, at www.vfw.org by logging in as a member (Login – top bar, right side), and going to "Member/Post Resources – VFW Training & Support."


Other important resources include the Bylaws, Manual of Procedure, and Ritual. In particular, the Manual of Procedure, Sec 218 (a) (5) outlines the responsibilities of the Post Quartermaster. Learn these well. Each Post is required to maintain a current copy of the Bylaws, Manual of Procedure, and Ritual; current copies are available for purchase from the VFW Store at www.vfwstore.org.


We are here to support you. If you have questions and are unable to find answers with your District or Department, call us at 833.VFW.VETS. Explain to the operator what you need, and they will transfer you to the correct person to answer your questions.


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