2020-2021 All-American Commanders

- 7/12/2021

The Commander-in-Chief set out the criteria to be selected as an All-American Post, District, or Department. Today we are proud to formally announce that 22 Department, 186 District and 996 Post Commanders who have met that criteria and are selected as the All-American class of 2020 - 2021.


Below you will find the full list of All-American Commanders at Department, District and Post level for South Carolina. Those who are selected as All-American Commanders (Departments, Top 25 Posts and Top 10 Districts in their respective divisions), an email will be sent to those commanders that have not previously responded to an email that requested their cap size to ensure we have the correct type and size for their All American Cap order. 


Please ensure those that have not responded previously are on the lookout over the next 48 hours for this message to be in their email "Inbox” that will allow them to click on a link and submit their cap size – This will be a huge help to us as we prepare for Convention at the end of the month.


Those of you who will be attending the National Convention in Kansas City will need to register upon arrival and then proceed to the Membership Booth to check in and receive your All-American packet containing:

All-American cap

- Commander’s citation

- Name badge

- Name card


Remember that All-American caps are not to be worn until the awards ceremony on Monday. On Monday, they’ll need to bring their cap, badge, and name card with them to the hall and be seated in specific order to walk across the stage, getting their photo taken with the Commander-in-Chief, and receive their All-American Commander Pin.


For those who will not be attending Convention, their packet and pin will be sent to their  respective Department for distribution. We will also be sending out Post Home citations to the Departments for distribution after the Convention.


Once again, thank you for all the hard work and dedication this past year!


It was a good year for the VFW Department of South Carolina. Below are the final standings for the All American program. Congrats to all for their hard work and dedication to the VFW.
2021 All-American Departments 07.06.21
Department FirstName Middle LastName
South Carolina Edwin A Tufts
2021 All-American Districts-Top 10 Only
Rank Department District Div FirstName Middle LastName
3 South Carolina 1 2 Janet E Chisolm-Richard
6 South Carolina 2 3 Erik O Rothering
2021 District All-Americans 11 and below
Rank Department District Division FirstName Middle LastName
15 South Carolina 7 4 Margo D Sheridan
2021 All-American Posts Top 25 Only
Rank Department Post Division FirstName Middle LastName
2 South Carolina 3137 2 Rex A Brown
22 South Carolina 3433 2 Michael J Labarbera
12 South Carolina 4262 2 Theonis S Brown
22 South Carolina 6740 5 Ginger L Graham
14 South Carolina 6932 10 Dwight E Talbert
22 South Carolina 8346 7 Don D Criscoe
3 South Carolina 10420 2 Todd A Haviland
2021 Post All-Americans_26 and below
Rank Department Post Division FirstName Middle LastName
51 South Carolina 445 4 James E Barger
121 South Carolina 641 3 Erik O Rothering
31 South Carolina 1845 6 Jeffrey M Hildreth
58 South Carolina 5091 9 Kevin A Archila
44 South Carolina 6444 6 George M Furbee
48 South Carolina 6561 10 Clenton Gilliam
68 South Carolina 6732 10 John L Hill
43 South Carolina 7723 11 Isaac King
51 South Carolina 8760 3 Waverly R Patterson
79 South Carolina 9509 4 Reden C Woodberry
63 South Carolina 9539 3 Chad Aaron Caldwell
78 South Carolina 10256 4 Chris L Manning
35 South Carolina 10624 7 William J King
33 South Carolina 10811 11 Stephen H Slan
38 South Carolina 11079 6 Christine K Rogers
36 South Carolina 12102 11 Marc E Jacob
50 South Carolina 12136 6 James S Taylor

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