VFW Day of Service

VFW National - 2/24/2023

We’re asking VFW Posts, VFW members, community advocates and veterans of every stripe to band together to host one community service event on May 6, or at another point during the

What is the VFW Day of Service? 2023 will mark the second year for the VFW Day of Service, a day set aside for veteran-led local community service events. It is an outgrowth of the VFW’s #StillServing initiative that since 2020 has brought recognition to how much U.S. military veterans continue to serve in their communities after they take off their uniform.

Who can participate in the VFW Day of Service? Anyone. If you are not a VFW Post member or veteran, we can help you connect with one. The more we work together, the greater the benefit to our local community. month, to make a meaningful difference in your community.

 What type of events can be included in the VFW Day of Service? VFW Day of Service events are community service focused, so whatever Day of Service volunteers identify as a community need and their work to meet it qualifies. "Buddy”® Poppy, recruiting and events which raise monetary donations do not qualify as a Day of Service event. 

Some examples of community services events include: • Drives – food, personal hygiene products, diapers • Home repair • Street / park / cemetery / vacant lot clean up • Health fairs • / snack • • •

Can a VFW Post's Day of Service event help it achieve All-American?  Absolutely! Simply log your Post’s hours into your state community service reporting system to ensure you get credit for your impact.

For more information about VFW Day of Service contact For media inquiries contact michelle@sturgesword.com info@todaysvfw.org . .

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