Welcome Comrades,

As I stated during my year as Srv. Commander I wanted to get the membership goals and Calendar out as soon as possible.  Below are the links to those goals and Calendar for the 2020-2021 membership year.  Please be advised that due to the current situation the Calendar may change so please keep that in mind.  

The first part of the book with the Council of Administration and the last part with the District and Post information will be posted as separate parts as well as a full manual after the Convention.  
District and Post Commanders is it imperative that you get your updated election reports into the Department ADJ as soon as possible, the final version release will be dependent on how fast these areas are updated.  

I am excited to be your Stat Commander and looking forward to a great year. 
2020-2021 Calendar  Updated 5/12/2020
South Carolina 2020-2012 Membership Goals
National CinC 2020-2021 Membership Guide