July Membership Challenge

National Headquarters - 6/4/2023

Starting Strong – this challenge will be for Posts, with the Post in each membership Division that increases their membership the most during the month of July being issued a $500 gift certificate to the VFW Store.


This will count all New, Renewed, and Reinstated Annual members, since Life members will not count until September. This will emphasize the need to start with good momentum at the beginning of the membership year.

Statewide News

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September 2023 Checkpoint

Please take this opportunity to see what other Posts around the world are doing to better their communities

How Will You Celebrate VFW Day?

The VFW’s story began 124 years ago this month – Sept. 29 to be exact – in Columbus, Ohio

National News

Important info from National VFW

VFW Calls on Sen. Tommy Tuberville to Lift Hold on Military Promotions


3M Lawsuit Ends in Victory for Veterans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of veterans and current military service members may be entitled to receive compensation in the 3M ea...